Electric Water Heater and Immersion Heater Repairs

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater or immersion heater repairs

Electric water heaters are common in most households today and are needed for daily activities such as washing up or taking a nice warm shower or bath. However when they stop working correctly, it can become a huge inconvenience to yourself and your family.

At King Electricians, our emergency electricians have extensive experience with all electric water heater repairs including immersion heaters and can help you and your boiler get back up and running in no time!

Just call us on 07494 812 865 or feel free to troubleshoot the problem yourself using the guide below with some helpful tips.

How to tell if your electric water heater is working?

An electric water heater is almost identical to a gas water heater. The only difference is that, as its name indicates, water is heated with a heating element which is very often the cause of the issue but not always. So before you call us, here are a few things you should check:

Water Heater Switch

Is the main switch turned on?

Is there electrical power to the water heater? As silly as it sound, make sure you check the main switch.

Very often a water heater can be located in a storage unit alongside random items which may have pressed the switched to the off position when moved.

Tripped Fuse Box

Has your fuse box tripped?

Check your fuse box to ensure the circuit that supplies electricity to the heater hasn’t tripped. If it has, simply reset the circuit and try again. There is probably a good reason why the fuse box tripped in the first place and it is likely to happen again. In this case call one of our electricians.

Water heater reset button

Press the reset button

Standard Electric water heaters are generally equipped with a reset button which can be found on a front or side panel. Locate the panel and press the reset button. If it fails to reset, call one of our electricians.

What if your water is not hot enough?

The simplest reason could be that the capacity of your hot water heater is not enough to supply the demand in the household you’re living in. The solution is simple, just get a more powerful appliance fitted.

But if you believe your water heater is big enough and if you have already gone through the electricity supply troubleshooting, the lack of hot water may be caused by something else. The most common problems being:

Thermostat on Boiler

Issues with the thermostat

Very often thermostats can be set fairly low with the objective to save energy and money. But with that comes colder water. Try setting the thermostat to a higher temperature.

If the above fails, you may have a faulty thermostat which will need replacing.

Electric Water Heater Element

Issues with Electrical Heating element

A conventional electrical water heater has two heating elements, one upper and one lower. If your thermostat is not faulty it may be that one of the elements is no longer working. Electrical heating elements do wear out and need to be replaced every so often.




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