Top-Notch Storage Heater Repairs

Our Highly-skilled and professional electricians will Help Your Storage Heaters Get Fixed!

Are you facing trouble because of non-functional storage heater? And are you only thinking that you will need your new storage heaters in winters?

Let us tell you that a faulty storage heater may enhance your monthly energy bill instead of providing warmth and cosiness. However, storage heaters are a great option if your home isn’t centrally heated.

Don’t worry; we have got you. And we are here to end your electric heater problems and put your mind at rest!

Quick Replacement of Storage Heaters

Even though our team of professionals is highly experienced and trained to fix any storage heater regardless of the brand, sometimes we have no better option than replacing your storage heaters.
The reason is that an excellent company’s storage heater has a proper working duration of 10-15 years, and beyond that, it needs regular servicing. Apart from servicing, it doesn’t serve its purpose like before, and its efficiency decreases.
At King Electricians, we can help you with the replacement of your old non-functional heaters with brand-new ones and get them running in no time. Use the summer’s opportunity and let us relace storage heaters so that you can spend the winter in peace.

Removing Old Storage Heaters

You might think removing storage heaters is not a big deal. And you can do it on your own. However, we can only warn you about the risks.

The problem with removing an old storage heater is the risk factor involved in the process. Since it is the electrical work, it can prove dangerous for you.

Instead of making yourself go through that danger or putting your family at risk, contact us. And we will send one or two professionals from our staff to remove old storage heaters.

We don’t stop at removing storage heaters, as our next step is to ensure that all the cables and circuits are safe to use for you and your family. If you want us to come and remove your non-functional storage heaters, call us at 07903 289 687 for a free quote.

How Can You Get a Storage Heater Reset?

We usually need storage heaters in winter. However, when you keep them unused for a long summer, they need reset servicing. If you have a storage heater that needs a reset service, feel free to contact us.

Even though resetting a storage heater is not a very difficult task. You don’t have to do it if you are not familiar with the functioning of a storage heater.

There are several ways on the internet to teach you how to reset your storage heater. But we suggest you only do it if you are confident about the process.

Electricians Who You Can Rely upon Storage Heaters Related Issues

We believe that the storage heater is such a vital part of the houses in the United Kingdom. And even though we’re based in London, we keep travelling to different cities to offer our services.

If you are from London or outside, feel free to contact us via call or e-mail. Because we are always ready to help people regarding storage heater issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the storage heater is not charging overnight?

There could be many reasons why your heater is not charging overnight. There might be some connection issues, or the fuse might have blown. Get the help of a professional electrician to sort out this problem.  

Where to get the best storage heater removal and installation service?

King electricians offer the best storage heater services in London. Our experts electricians will inspect the old storage heater and will let you know if it needs repairing. Or if you need to replace the whole unit.  

What is the life expectancy of a storage heater? 

Storage heaters normally last around 25 years. Their life expectancy depends on several factors like where they are installed, the weather of the place, and how often they are maintained. So, if everything is up to the mark, you will be able to enjoy them for over 25 years.  

Where to get the best storage heater removal and installation service?

King electricians offer the best storage heater services in London. Our experts electricians will inspect the old storage heater. Also, we will let you know if it needs repairing or if you need to replace the whole unit.  

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