Professional Repair, Replacement, and Installation of Faulty Light switches and Dimmer Switches

Wondering what is the right time to repair or replace light? Well the answer is pretty simple. If you see your lights flickering or dimmer acting up, you need to replace them by contacting qualified electricians.

Replacing or repairing light or dimmer switches seems easy. But it requires a lot of equipment and technique for reconnecting wires and setting them according to the lighting setup in your home. So, the best way is to contact a verified electrician to ensure your safety and protection.

Main Types of Switches Installed in the UK Homes

The single-pole switches

It is a simple and easy-to-install switch to control one output within the home.

The 3- or 4-way switches

A 3- or 4-way switch is slightly tricky to install. While the first one controls one output from two locations and the other 4-way switch controls one output from three locations.

The dimmer switches

A dimmer switch adjusts light levels in a room and helps save energy.

Common Issues with a Light Switch Homes

Lights Flickering or Dimming

Poor switch terminals’ connection, loose wiring, or exposed wires touching the switch can cause that issue.

Damaged Wiring

Also, ack of insulation can cause wires to overheat. And they end up getting damaged. So, you must contact us for a house rewiring.

Fuse Box Burning

An overloaded circuit can cause your fuse box to burn, leading up to fires. So be very careful when installing new lights on an old fuse box.

Common Issues with a Dimmer Switch

Constant dimmer switch buzzing
Mostly, the cause of the dimmer switch buzzing is a faulty light bulb. If the sound is coming from the lights or an overloaded switch. Or, if you hear noises from the switch.

The dimmer switch isn’t working
An overloaded dimmer switch is usually unable to perform dimming properly because of the high energy in the circuit.

The dimmer switch isn’t working after the replacement of the lights
If you are facing that issue, contact a qualified electrician. And repair your loose wiring or poor connection. Because they are most probably the main culprits causing the problem.

How Can You Safely Replace a Light Switch?

Before we tell you about the primary process of replacing the switch, ensure you turn off the main power source at the fuse box. Because safety comes first and learn the building regulations for such installations. Additionally, you can first see the previously installed switch to understand the procedure better.

Step 1
The first step is to Isolate the circuit and ensure the power is completely off.

Step 2
Then to understand the wires connected to each terminal, you will draw a diagram highlighting the number and colours of the wires. You will then pull the cores from the terminals releasing the terminal screws.

Step 3
Last, you will connect the cores to the right terminals by pulling the wires to ensure they clamp the cable cores and tighten the screws. After that, you will push the cable back to the junction box.

How Can You Replace a Dimmer Switch?

First, you will start with cutting off the power source, then move to the dimmer switch installation process.

Step 1
In the first step, you unscrew the screws, remove the plate, and pull out thefaulty dimmer switch to make the wires visible.

Step 2
You will then use the screwdriver to remove the wires and connect the new simmer switch to the old wires while matching the colours.

Step 3
Make sure the wires are connected strongly and push them back into the walls. You will place the new dimmer switch and turn the power supply on.

Do I Need Professional Electrician Help to Replace Light or Dimmer Switches?

Even though replacing or repairing light or dimmer switches is illegal. The UK building regulations demand a certain level of competence for electrical repair work. The reason is that such repairs are risky and can put you, your family, and your entire property in danger.

Moreover, an electrical professional will know about all the regulations, detect the problems on point because of the experience. And have the right equipment to do the job.

Contact Us for Additional Switches Installation in Your House

If you want to install additional light and dimmer switches, the cost installation time will be different compared to a single light or dimmer switch installation. We highly recommend you contact us so that we can immediately send professional electricians to help you with the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is replacing a light switch easy? 

Yes, it’s a simple task. You just need to take some precautionary measures to ensure that you are safe. Never forget to wear gloves and switch off the circuit before unscrewing it or touching any wires. Plus, you must use the right type of light switch.

Does it matter which wire goes where on a light switch? 

No, it doesn’t matter in a single-pole switch. You can connect wires to any screw, and they are interchangeable. There is a metal path inside the switch, which combines when the switch is ON, and the wires separate when the switch is turned off. 

What happens if you wire a switch wrong? 

There is a potential risk of a short circuit if you end up connecting the wires wrong. Make sure you make the right connections and tighten them properly to avoid any potential risks.

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