Rewiring old houseIf you own a property that is between 25-30 years old, you may be in danger! The effects of poor or worn out wiring could be potentially devastating. Even if the property you own is being renovated, it is essential that you know if any rewiring work is necessary in order to alleviate any possible risks or hazards from faulty wires. Faulty wires and appliances can also lead to injuries such as electrocution and potential fire hazards, which emphasises the importance of properly tending to and rewiring a property correctly.

Read on to find out more about how your property can be rewired quickly and efficiently with our expert electricians.

Wait! How safe are you in your house? I’m not talking about your newly installed security alarms and CCTV cameras.

Your home’s electrical wiring is one of the most important elements of your home safety that is often overlooked. If your home or office has faulty wiring or is not rewired for decades, it will need a full & partial rewiring to ensure maximum safety.

At King Electricians, we strongly recommend getting your wiring inspected, especially if your home is older than a couple of decades.

How to Tell if There is Need of Rewiring a House?

Well, there are some deadly indicators that your place needs a rewire. Some of the most prominent signs are:

  • General wear and tear
  • Frequent blowing fuses
  • Tripping circuits
  • Cracked or damaged insulation
  • Burning smells
  • Fire damage
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Electric shocks
  • Sparks when plugging or unplugging a cord
  • Flickering or dimming bulbs

Though all of these issues may not need a rewire rather a fix of certain appliances, you must get the problem inspected to know the core reason behind it.

Other Potential Risks Needing a Rewire are:

  • An old property If you are living in a 30 to 40 year old property, it may need a full rewire.
  • Two-pronged outlets Such outlets are not usually grounded, thus creating a safety hazard.
  • Aluminum wiring If your house has aluminium instead of copper wiring it will be prone to overheating and may need completely rewiring.
  • Overuse of extension cords Using a lot of extension cords can put additional stress on your house wiring.
  • Extension or renovation If you have added new appliances to your home or have renovated it recently, your house will need a rewire.

If there is any situation that makes you think that ‘Does my house need a rewire?’, it’s time to call a professional to inspect the situation.

Full & Partial Rewire of Your Property

Close up of electricians hands wearing safety gloves and snipping electrical wires with pliersKing Electricians is your one-stop-shop to carry out all your rewiring needs. Our electricians are well-skilled, experienced, and licensed to ensure that you get fast, reliable, and durable rewiring.

No matter if you experience an emergency electrical situation or looking for a planned up-gradation to your wiring, we are active round the clock to serve your needs.

Our electrical rewiring services include:

Full Rewire

If your house or commercial building has not been rewired for about 30 to 40 years, it’s probably time to get it rewired. Outdated wiring can be a safety risk and a rewire would meet the current electricity standards. Moreover, if you are planning any major renovation or upgrade to your property you must rewire it.

We at King Electricians are happy to provide our customers with a fast and reliable full rewiring service. It usually takes us up to 7 to 15 days to rewire a house, depending on its size and your unique needs.

Partial Rewire

If you are planning a small renovation or extension to your garage, loft, or any other room and your existing wiring is up-to-date, you’ll only need a partial rewire. Any new building work needs new wiring to ensure that it complies with Part P. of the Electrical Safety guidance.

Our licensed electricians can carry out partial rewiring without compromising on the safety of your house and family members. Improvements can be made to the existing wiring to ensure it can carry the additional load.

Emergency Rewiring

If you are experiencing any electrical issue but are not sure if your house needs rewiring, immediately call King Electricians. Our expert electrician will reach your place without delay to inspect the problem and figure out if you need rewiring.

We carry out all emergency rewiring works without making you wait for days or weeks. We are also available at weekends and off-hours to instantly serve your needs.

Our Electrical Rewiring Process is Simple and Fast

It only takes a few steps to complete the process of rewiring a house:

Your Call – We will be active as soon as you call us. We will take a brief description of your problem to evaluate your needs.
Detailed Inspection – We will send a licensed electrician to your place to inspect your wiring on-site and determine if you need a full, partial, or emergency rewiring.
Quote – After the evaluation of your needs, we will give you a fixed price quote and time-frame required to complete the job.
Carrying the Rewiring – Once the contract is agreed, our team of electricians will carry the rewiring job while ensuring durability and safety.

And all done!

So, are you ready to get your house rewired? Contact us right now and we will do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rewiring is the process when all or part of the wiring in your house or commercial property is replaced and the equipment is upgraded to ensure safety.

If your home is thirty to forty years old or is being renovated or extended, it will need a rewire. You will also need to rewire a house if there’s any electrical breakdown or outlet shortage. Rewiring ensures that your old fittings are updated and sockets are best located. Rewiring also allows you to install smart controls and energy-saving lighting systems to reduce electricity bills.

Yes, you can. However, make sure that the extent of rewiring is properly defined and documented. Also, in some cases, partial rewiring is not an ideal job. So always consult a professional electrician to determine if your home needs a full or partial rewire.

It depends on the type of rewire and the size of the building. A partial rewire will take fewer days than a full rewire. Likewise, rewiring a house will take less time than rewiring a big commercial building. It usually takes around 6 to 9 days to do the rewiring of a three-bed detached house and 10 to 15 days to complete the rewire of a four-bed detached house.


Although a homeowner might be able do their own electrical work, they’d need to have the work inspected by proper authorities and take out proper permits. Don’t compromise the safety of your home and family by undertaking electrical work yourself.

We suggest calling a licensed electrician unless you have the proper training to do electrical work.

Though aluminium wiring itself is not dangerous, faulty terminations in receptacles, switches, light fixtures, and other equipment can cause issues. Aluminium oxidizes over time and the conductor keeps on expanding and contracting, which can lead to heat problems where wiring is not properly terminated.

Another major issue with aluminium wiring is that it can deteriorate behind devices and cause fire hazards. If you ever experience any issue with aluminium wiring in your place, call a licensed electrician to inspect the problem.

Our technicians at King Electricians are well experienced and licensed.

It will require a lot of disruption to the main fabric of your property. You may need to replace all your fittings, switches, consumer units, sockets and install new wiring. A total rewire includes two stages: the first fix, the second fix.

Although electrical rewiring may take a few days to complete and may disrupt your everyday routine, it will ensure that your house is much safer once the process is complete. You will not need another rewire for a couple of decades if the rewiring is done by a professional electrician.

Our team of professional, licensed, and experienced electricians at King Electricians will ensure that your house or office wiring is updated in-line with the latest safety standards.

Well, the price for full, partial, or emergency rewiring depends on the exact electrical needs and issue. A phone quote may be subject to change once an electrician sees the job. We at King Electricians don’t want our customers to face this, so we prefer to diagnose the problem in person to give you an exact estimate of the job. Contact King Electricians for all your electrical rewiring needs and quotes.

Yes, we don't charge anything for our rewiring quotes at King Electricians. Our detailed quotes ensure that there are no unexpected charges.




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